WWE SummerSlam 2023: Grayson Waller Bold Predictions!


WWE SummerSlam 2023: Grayson Waller Bold Predictions!

"WWE SmackDown" standout Grayson Waller, despite not having a confirmed spot on the SummerSlam card, recently offered his bold predictions for two marquee matches set to unfold under the Tribal Combat rules. Speaking on WWE Deutschland's "Die Woche" podcast following his Friday night match against Jey Uso, which ended in a loss, Waller discussed the impending clash between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

When asked about his allegiance in the match between Reigns and Uso, Waller diplomatically stated, "I wouldn't necessarily say 'rooting,' but it's inevitable, isn't it, really? I don't understand how anyone would think Jey Uso is going to beat Roman Reigns.

Like, let's be real, Roman is the most dominant champion, pretty much in history. I love the story of Jey Uso, what an incredible, beautiful story it would be for Jey Uso to become the 'Tribal Chief' and become WWE Champion finally, but this ain't Disneyland.

This is WWE, and there's not always a happy ending, and I don't think there's going to be a happy ending for Jey Uso on Saturday."

Ricochet vs. Logan Paul at SummerSlam!

In addition to discussing the Reigns vs. Uso match, Waller also shared his excitement for another high-profile contest at SummerSlam: Ricochet versus Logan Paul.

Waller believes the match will be wild and unpredictable, given the athleticism and daredevil mentality of both competitors. He identified this showdown as a potential show-stealer. Regarding his own SummerSlam plans, Waller revealed that he will be attending a WWE tryout in Detroit, Michigan, earlier in the week.

Undeterred by his current absence from the card, he expressed his intention to be present at "The Biggest Party of the Summer" and hinted that some WWE Legends attending the event might seek his services, alluding to his famed "Grayson Waller Rub." While Waller didn't confirm his participation in the SummerSlam Battle Royal, he expressed interest in the chaotic encounter, adding an air of mystery to his potential role at the event.

As the anticipation builds for WWE's summer extravaganza, Grayson Waller's insightful predictions and enthusiastic demeanor have certainly heightened the excitement for what promises to be an electrifying SummerSlam spectacle.

Fans worldwide will be eager to see how Waller's forecasts play out and whether his own destiny intertwines with the grand stage of SummerSlam in surprising ways.

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