Balor's Insight: Judgement Day and The Beatles - A Surprising Connection


Balor's Insight: Judgement Day and The Beatles - A Surprising Connection

As anticipation builds for the much-anticipated WWE SummerSlam event, Finn Balor, the charismatic Irish superstar, took some time to sit down with "Sports Illustrated" and draw an unexpected connection between his faction, The Judgment Day, and the legendary rock band, The Beatles.

Comparing his fellow stablemates to the iconic band members, Balor saw himself as the Paul McCartney of the group. He acknowledged McCartney's brilliance as a musician and likened it to his own prowess inside the wrestling ring.

Just as McCartney served as the voice of reason and glue that held The Beatles together, Balor expressed his role in The Judgment Day as a guiding force, ensuring unity and focus among the members. In Balor's analogy, the Women's World Champion, Rhea Ripley, took on the persona of the late John Lennon.

He praised Ripley's natural charisma and described her as both intimidating and caring—a perfect embodiment of Lennon's enigmatic presence and underlying compassion.

The Heart of The Judgment Day

Turning his attention to the "NXT" North American Champion, Dominik Mysterio, Balor playfully compared him to Ringo Starr.

Despite not always being the fan favorite, Dominik's infectious humor and camaraderie within the group drew parallels to Ringo's essential role as the heart of The Beatles. Damian Priest, another key member of The Judgment Day, was likened to the late George Harrison.

Balor emphasized how George was often underrated but consistently proved his worth as a talented musician, just as Priest demonstrated his value through memorable performances with Bad Bunny and during the Money in the Bank event.

The fascinating connection between The Judgment Day and The Beatles was further highlighted during a recent appearance in London, where the faction paid homage to the iconic band by recreating The Beatles' famous "Abbey Road" album cover.

As SummerSlam approaches, all eyes are on Balor, who is scheduled to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship against the formidable Seth Rollins. However, it is widely expected that the other members of The Judgment Day, including the 2023 men's Money in the Bank winner, Damian Priest, won't be far behind, ready to make their mark during the monumental event at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan.

Finn Balor's imaginative comparison between The Judgment Day and The Beatles offers a unique perspective on the dynamics within the faction and the legendary band. As the WWE Universe eagerly awaits SummerSlam's spectacle, it remains clear that Judgment Day's camaraderie and talent will undoubtedly bring a performance worthy of The Beatles' legacy.