Drew McIntyre Refuses WWE Heel Turn Unless It's Logical


Drew McIntyre Refuses WWE Heel Turn Unless It's Logical
Drew McIntyre Refuses WWE Heel Turn Unless It's Logical

Drew McIntyre, one of WWE's premier Superstars, recently sat down with Armon Sandler on his "Stay Busy" podcast to discuss his current path and the potential of turning heel. His reflective comments shed light on his current thought process and the direction he wishes to take within the company.

McIntyre emphasized his desire to be involved in intriguing and emotionally investing storylines. He said, "Staying on the path I'm on right now, I want to ensure I get interesting and compelling stories. It's cool coming out and getting the cheers, but I always want to keep evolving, adding layers to the character, and doing all the cool things I get to do outside the ring."

McIntyre's Passion for Storytelling

The recent story arc with Sheamus and the subsequent triple threat match has reinvigorated his passion for engaging storytelling.

He emphasized wanting to finally get a title reign in front of fans, which is dear to his heart. However, the question that looms large is whether or not McIntyre would consider a heel turn. To this, he explained, "People are calling for a heel turn, but I'm not willing to do that unless it makes perfect sense.

We have a lot of equity in Drew McIntyre. I show up at Special Olympics and see the effect WWE and McIntyre have on people, and I can understand Cena's perspective of not turning." Drawing parallels to John Cena's career choices, McIntyre sees the value in maintaining a face character, especially given his influence outside the ring.

He also acknowledged his previous heel run outside the WWE, a time when he was able to explore the darker aspects of his character.
He concluded, "For the right time and moment, and if it's entertaining for the fans, I would be about that.

When that dark side comes out, it's pretty dark." McIntyre's words reflect his professional desires and provide a glimpse into his understanding of the broader impact and responsibilities of being a WWE Superstar. His commitment to creating compelling content and a thoughtful approach to his public image speaks to his dedication to both his craft and his fans.

A heel turn is not off the table for McIntyre, but such a move would have to align with his long-term vision and the greater good of his character's evolution.

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