WWE Big E Receives 'Never Wrestle Again' Advice from Some Doctors

Big E faces uncertain future following injury revelation.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE Big E Receives 'Never Wrestle Again' Advice from Some Doctors

Big E's future in the world of professional wrestling has taken a grim turn, raising doubts about his return to the ring. The former WWE Champion, who has been out of action since March 2022 due to a severe injury, addressed his health and uncertain future during a recent SummerSlam press conference, shedding light on the challenges he faces.

Big E shared that he underwent a year checkup, which seemingly showed positive results. However, his journey to recovery hasn't been without obstacles. The wrestler revealed that he sought opinions from spine specialists and colleagues who have undergone similar fusions for their injuries.

The advice he received was sobering – these medical experts cautioned him against pursuing a return to wrestling altogether, stressing the potential risks to his health.

Big E's Determined Pursuit of Well-Being

In light of these concerning insights, Big E expressed a desire to prioritize his long-term well-being and happiness.

Wrestling may be his passion, but the fear of potential repercussions on his health has left him uncertain about what the future holds. Despite the daunting uncertainty, he remains determined to make decisions that will safeguard his overall quality of life.

While Big E's wrestling future hangs in the balance, there may be alternative paths for him within the WWE universe. The possibility of transitioning to color commentary has been discussed with the organization, which could provide him with an opportunity to continue contributing to the industry in a different capacity.

The injury that sidelined Big E occurred during a "SmackDown" match in March 2022 when he suffered fractures to his C1 and C6 vertebrae in a frightening landing on the ringside mats after an overhead suplex. Though his road to recovery has seen progress, and he regained mobility, the severity of the injury has cast a shadow over his potential return to in-ring action.

Fans of Big E, and the wrestling community at large, are undoubtedly rooting for his well-being and future happiness, both personally and professionally. As the situation unfolds, the WWE and its fans will likely continue to support him, no matter what path he chooses to take, whether it involves stepping back into the ring or pursuing new opportunities outside of wrestling.

Ultimately, his health and happiness must be the top priority, and his decision will undoubtedly be respected by the WWE universe.

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