Drew McIntyre WWE Raw Absence Explained


Drew McIntyre WWE Raw Absence Explained
Drew McIntyre WWE Raw Absence Explained

While most of the wrestling world's eyes were fixed on Houston, Texas, where the majority of the "WWE Raw" roster was in action on Monday, one key figure was notably absent. Drew McIntyre, known as "The Scottish Warrior," was headed to a location far removed from the ring: Budapest, Hungary.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McIntyre was in Hungary earlier this week to resume filming for the star-studded action movie "The Killer's Game." In this new endeavor, McIntyre joins a cast that includes rapper Ice Cube and WWE Hall of Famer Dave Bautista.

McIntyre's Role in 'The Killer's Game

As of this report, details of McIntyre's role in the film remain under wraps. However, prior information suggests that the plot will focus on Bautista's character, Joe Flood, a veteran assassin.

Directed by J.J. Perry, "The Killer's Game" follows Flood after he receives a terminal diagnosis and authorizes a hit on himself. The twist comes when he learns that the diagnosis is incorrect, plunging him into a desperate battle against the assailants targeting his life.

McIntyre's commitment to the film has affected his WWE schedule. He previously missed the July 17 and July 31 editions of "Raw" due to filming responsibilities. But his absence has not gone unnoticed in the wrestling world, especially by Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER.

McIntyre is scheduled to face GUNTHER at WWE SummerSlam this weekend, adding more intrigue to his unexpected hiatus. In the lead-up to the highly anticipated title match, GUNTHER squared off with Chad Gable in an intense five-minute challenge on "Raw." After Gable survived the initial time limit, an insistent GUNTHER demanded more time on the clock.

Despite Gable's valiant efforts, the extended match allowed GUNTHER to unleash a series of chops and The Last Symphony, securing his victory. With Gable now behind him, GUNTHER's focus has turned back to McIntyre, raising questions and expectations for the upcoming clash at SummerSlam.

As fans eagerly await McIntyre's return to the ring, his new foray into film adds an exciting dimension to his career, promising a SummerSlam weekend that could be memorable for reasons beyond the wrestling mat.

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