Konnan: Star Power Boosts WWE NXT!


Konnan: Star Power Boosts WWE NXT!
Konnan: Star Power Boosts WWE NXT!

WWE NXT has experienced a significant upswing in its viewership numbers since the integration of main roster stars into its programming. This notable improvement has caught the attention of AAA booker Konnan, who believes that these roster performers have played a crucial role in elevating the overall "NXT" brand.

During a recent episode of "K100 with Konnan & Disco," Konnan expressed his renewed interest in the current "NXT" product, a stark contrast to his previous description of the brand's booking as "terrible" a few years back.

He cited specific improvements, particularly noting his disdain for the fatigued performer gimmick, which was recently featured with Wendy Choo. Konnan also voiced concerns about the presence of relatively inexperienced talent on the "NXT" television roster.

Konnan's Transformational NXT Assessment

In reflecting on the past, Konnan highlighted the era when Seth Rollins and other exceptional talents graced the "NXT" stage, captivating audiences with outstanding matches and compelling storylines.

Comparing it to the present, he praised the recent episodes, remarking on their overall quality, declaring them "good" and "watchable," a significant departure from the lackluster shows of the past. In Konnan's eyes, the recent infusion of main roster stars has been a game-changer, transforming "NXT" into a more major league-like spectacle.

The influx of main roster talent followed the 2023 WWE Draft, with stars like The Judgment Day, Baron Corbin, Mustafa Ali, and Dana Brooke making their way to "NXT." Moreover, a highly anticipated bout between Seth Rollins and Bron Breakker on the June 20 episode proved to be a ratings success, leading to a notable surge in viewership compared to the previous week.

Konnan's assessment aligns with his previous prediction that "NXT" needed bigger stars to compete against rival wrestling promotion AEW in the Wednesday night wars. It seems that WWE's decision to bolster the "NXT" roster with established main roster talent has resulted in positive outcomes and a more competitive positioning in the wrestling landscape.

As the momentum continues, wrestling enthusiasts can look forward to witnessing how these main roster stars continue to impact the "NXT" brand, providing fresh and enticing storylines and electrifying in-ring performances that keep fans eagerly tuning in each week.

The future looks bright for WWE's developmental territory, and with the support of seasoned superstars, "NXT" is well-positioned to regain its status as a premier destination for professional wrestling entertainment.

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