Road Dogg WWE Veteran Wishlist for Alpha Academy


Road Dogg WWE Veteran Wishlist for Alpha Academy

Alpha Academy has been on a roll lately, captivating audiences with Maxxine Dupri's inclusion and Chad Gable's exceptional coaching. However, the prospect of adding WWE veteran Shelton Benjamin to the mix has sparked excitement and speculation.

Brian "Road Dogg" James recently expressed his admiration for Benjamin's potential addition during a segment on the "Oh... You Didn't Know" podcast. According to Road Dogg, Shelton Benjamin possesses qualities that would make him an invaluable asset to any team.

He labeled the veteran as one of the unsung heroes in the wrestling industry, recognizing his talent and contributions that often go unnoticed. Despite being on par with notable stars like Brock Lesnar during their early careers, Benjamin has never received the same level of opportunities or recognition.

Road Dogg attributes this to Benjamin's more reserved personality, which may have hindered him from taking the spotlight in the past.

Benjamin's Athleticism Shines Bright

However, Road Dogg firmly believes that Benjamin's athleticism and commanding presence more than compensate for any perceived lack of charisma.

In fact, he couldn't help but notice Benjamin's impressive physical transformation, particularly his growing muscularity. Shelton Benjamin's history with Chad Gable adds an intriguing dynamic to the equation. The two previously teamed up after an unfortunate injury to Jason Jordan, and revisiting their partnership could prove to be a winning formula for Alpha Academy.

Benjamin's in-ring capabilities align perfectly with the ethos of Alpha Academy, where technical prowess and skill are highly valued. Road Dogg recalled a match that epitomized Benjamin's brilliance—the iconic clash against Shawn Michaels.

According to him, it was a perfect display of wrestling artistry, with Benjamin contributing 50 percent of the match's brilliance. He acknowledged Shawn Michaels' legendary status but emphasized that Benjamin's contributions should not be underestimated.

With Road Dogg's endorsement and Shelton Benjamin's remarkable wrestling pedigree, the potential union between the WWE veteran and Alpha Academy promises to be a compelling storyline. If the stars align, fans may witness an exciting transformation for both Benjamin and Alpha Academy as they continue to dominate the WWE landscape with their unique blend of talent and guidance.

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