Cody Rhodes Asserts He's Undeniably the World's Best Wrestler

Cody Rhodes reflects on pivotal advice from John Cena.

by Atia Mukhtar
Cody Rhodes Asserts He's Undeniably the World's Best Wrestler

Cody Rhodes, the renowned professional wrestler and "The American Nightmare," has once again reaffirmed his belief in being the best wrestler in the world. In a recent documentary on Peacock, Rhodes confidently asserted this claim after his intense Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins.

In a subsequent interview with GQ, he was asked if he still holds that self-assurance. Without hesitation, Rhodes responded with unwavering certainty, stating, "Oh, 100 percent. I say it far less because I lost to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, but it's still how I feel." He explained that headlining events like "Monday Night Raw" or WrestleMania have kindled a newfound determination within him, intensifying his drive to be at the pinnacle of his craft.

To Rhodes, being the best wrestler means excelling in every aspect of the art form, from the technical prowess in the ring to the emotional connection with the fans. This unwavering belief in his abilities is what fuels his motivation, as he rejects the notion of settling for anything less than the top spot.

John Cena's Valuable Advice To Cody Rhodes

During the interview, Rhodes also shared valuable advice he received from the legendary John Cena, whom he considers the ultimate authority in the wrestling world. Cena emphasized the importance of maintaining a connection with the audience and understanding their reactions during a match.

He encouraged Rhodes to listen to the crowd's response, whether it be through claps or foot-tapping, as it ultimately serves as a guide to creating an emotional resonance with the fans. This intimate connection with the audience allows a wrestler to collaborate with them rather than simply performing for them.

Rhodes further expounded on the ongoing debate within the wrestling community about the balance between high-risk maneuvers and compelling storytelling. According to him, the key lies in striking a balance between the two.

While contemporary wrestling has seen an increase in athletic and risky moves, he believes that the art of storytelling within the ring remains paramount. To Rhodes, it's crucial to merge the exhilarating athleticism with captivating narratives to deliver a truly memorable performance.

As Cody Rhodes continues to strive for greatness, his dedication to honing his skills and connecting with the audience underscores his conviction that he is, indeed, the best wrestler in the world. While the industry may be rife with talented competitors, Rhodes' passion for his craft and the wisdom he has gained from veterans like John Cena continue to set him apart as one of the finest in the business.

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