Cody Rhodes Delighted as The Elite Re-Signs with AEW


Cody Rhodes Delighted as The Elite Re-Signs with AEW
Cody Rhodes Delighted as The Elite Re-Signs with AEW

During the recent SummerSlam press tour, wrestling sensation Cody Rhodes shared his joy and admiration for his peers, Kenny Omega, Adam Page, and the Young Bucks, as they decided to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

When asked for his thoughts on the news by, Nick Hausman from the Haus of Wrestling, the former three-time TNT Champion couldn't hide his happiness for his fellow wrestlers. "I'm thrilled when any wrestler or Superstar gets paid," Cody began, acknowledging the physical struggles and sacrifices that come with their demanding profession.

"I don't want to sound carny or hacky, but to know that your peers, the people who take the bumps and go through all this, are getting paid is inspiring. I am over the moon that that group did what they did because, as Nick Jackson said, I believe they've made some NBA money off of it."

Joyful Support for The Elite

Cody's joy wasn't merely about financial success but also the recognition and validation of his colleagues' hard work.

He expressed genuine happiness that the Elite had found a home in AEW, enabling them to continue their remarkable journey together. "I'm honestly just happy for them. I would have loved to have seen them again, but you know, I'm thrilled with their choices," Cody said, acknowledging their alternative path.

On their time together in WWE, Cody said he wished them to reunite under the WWE banner. However, he understood that the WWE lifestyle may only suit some. As the conversation delved deeper, Cody highlighted the differences between AEW and WWE, particularly regarding schedule and creative freedom.

He emphasized that the current gig at AEW aligned more with his personality, allowing him and the Elite to explore and showcase their talents in a way that resonates with their artistic visions. Cody Rhodes couldn't be happier for Kenny Omega, Adam Page, and the Young Bucks as they committed to AEW again.

His words exuded a sense of camaraderie and genuine friendship, highlighting the tight-knit bond shared between these talented wrestlers. As they continue their journey in AEW, fans can expect remarkable performances and groundbreaking moments from this incredible group of athletes.

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