Matt Hardy: The Elite - AEW's Heart and Soul! Happy with Their Resignation

AEW veteran Matt Hardy lauds The Elite's innovation.

by Noman Rasool
Matt Hardy: The Elite - AEW's Heart and Soul! Happy with Their Resignation

In a recent interview, AEW veteran Matt Hardy spoke passionately about The Elite, dubbing them the heart and soul of All Elite Wrestling. Hardy expressed his delight at their decision to re-sign with the company and emphasized their pivotal role in AEW's inception.

The impact of The Elite's vision and determination has been profound, setting the foundation for the flourishing promotion we see today. As one of the driving forces behind AEW's formation, The Elite, consisting of Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson, and Cody, have demonstrated unwavering commitment and creativity.

Hardy commended their foresight, underscoring that the company is named after this groundbreaking faction. Their collective vision, combined with the support of Tony Khan, brought AEW from a dream to reality, forever shaping the landscape of professional wrestling.

Strong Bonds Fuel Elite's Success

Matt Hardy, who shares a deep bond with the Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), emphasized their friendship and camaraderie. He expressed his dedication to standing up for them in times of need, highlighting the importance of loyalty among friends.

Hardy's admiration extended to Kenny Omega, whom he enjoyed getting to know over the years. The camaraderie among the members of The Elite has undoubtedly played a significant role in their success and ability to overcome challenges together.

What sets The Elite apart from others in the industry is their unbridled creativity and willingness to take risks. They have continuously defied conventions, pushing the boundaries of what professional wrestling can be. Hardy praised their ability to think outside the box, pioneering innovative storytelling and matching concepts that have captivated audiences worldwide.

This bold approach has allowed them to carve their path to superstardom and left a lasting impact on the industry. The Elite's presence in AEW has been a boon for the promotion, bringing fresh perspectives and ingenuity that few can match.

Their commitment to excellence has elevated the wrestling landscape, inspiring fellow wrestlers and fans. From the high-flying antics of the Young Bucks to the masterful in-ring work of Kenny Omega and the tenacity of Hangman Adam Page, The Elite's diverse talents have enriched AEW's roster and contributed significantly to the company's growth.

In conclusion, Matt Hardy's admiration for The Elite as the heart and soul of AEW resonates deeply with wrestling enthusiasts. Their passion, vision, and fearlessness have been instrumental in AEW's evolution and success. With their unique ability to blaze their trail and revolutionize professional wrestling, The Elite leaves an indelible mark on the industry, setting a standard of excellence that will undoubtedly inspire future generations.

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