Finn Balor discusses if Judgment Day is the highlight of his career


Finn Balor discusses if Judgment Day is the highlight of his career

In recent times, WWE's landscape has been dominated by the 'Judgment Day' faction, comprising Finn Balor, Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, the 'Senor Money in the Bank' Damian Priest, and the NXT North American Champion, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio.

Collectively, they've staked their claim, asserting that they reign supreme across the entirety of WWE, including Raw, NXT, and even Smackdown. Their claim isn't just mere posturing. Their significant screen time on Raw, coupled with appearances on NXT and Smackdown, underscores their predominant role in the WWE narrative.

Such prominence can't be ignored, leading many to see them as the most influential figures in the current WWE landscape. When Finn Balor recently sat down with Kenny McIntosh from 'Inside The Ropes', he was probed about whether this phase in the 'Judgment Day' faction has been the pinnacle of his illustrious wrestling career.

Balor’s response reflected a sense of satisfaction yet an insatiable desire for personal growth.

Balor's Reflective Professional Evolution

Balor remarked, “This period is unquestionably among the most enjoyable and fulfilling in my professional journey.

I've achieved a unique comfort level inside the ring. However, as entertainers in this dynamic industry, we should perpetually evolve. Every phase of my career has brought a new form of comfort. The past year has been particularly exhilarating, but whether it's been the absolute best? That’s a complex question”.

The conversation then pivoted to how Balor perceives his role beyond just wrestling – delving into the aspects of promos, media interactions, and storytelling – all integral parts of WWE TV's tapestry. He candidly shared, “When it comes to wrestling, that's my forte.

Once that bell rings, everything falls into place, and it feels like the most natural aspect of my life. Conversely, when we step into areas like promos, media interactions, or narrative building, I face challenges given my relatively limited experience in those domains.

Nonetheless, confronting these challenges is crucial for one's evolution in this industry. And so far, I believe we've made commendable progress." In essence, while Finn Balor acknowledges and relishes his current role and the dominance of the 'Judgment Day' faction, he remains committed to continuous growth and refining his craft in all dimensions.

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