Roman Reigns Dominates SummerSlam


Roman Reigns Dominates SummerSlam

The illustrious journey of Roman Reigns as WWE Universal Champion continues to be one for the record books. After the most recent victory, the word "dominance" barely seems enough to describe the prowess and might of The Tribal Chief.

Earlier this year, cracks began to form within The Bloodline. Tensions escalated during the Royal Rumble when Sami Zayn, tired of being undermined by Reigns, retaliated with a chair assault. This internal strife intensified when Jimmy Uso took issue with Reigns’ selfishness, delivering a fateful superkick at Night of Champions.

This move allowed Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to hold onto the WWE Tag Team Championship against the duo of Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

Jey Uso Shatters Reigns' Streak

Jey Uso was not far behind in recognizing Reigns' true intentions, and in solidarity with his twin, Jimmy, turned against The Tribal Chief.

In a remarkable turn of events at Money In The Bank, Jey managed to pin Reigns, breaking a three-and-a-half-year streak. SummerSlam's main event brought Reigns and Jey face-to-face, with not just the Universal Championship at stake but also the coveted title of Tribal Chief.

This "Tribal Combat" bout, free of any rules, saw an arsenal of weapons inflicting pain. Solo Sikoa, Reigns’ trusted enforcer, plunged headfirst into the action, but an unintentional spear from Reigns changed the course of the match.

Sikoa was momentarily sidelined, allowing Jey Uso to almost seize victory. Yet, the unexpected twist came when Jey, on the brink of winning, was ambushed by a mysterious figure, later unmasked as none other than Jimmy Uso.

With a swift superkick to his own brother's face, Jimmy cleared the path for Reigns' triumph. The future holds intriguing possibilities. As Roman Reigns sets his sights on breaking Bruno Sammartino's record of 1,237 days as WWE Champion, a benchmark set in the 1970s, the fate of The Usos remains uncertain.

Will they split or reconcile? Meanwhile, the sting of that spear won't fade easily for Solo Sikoa. One thing's clear: tensions within The Bloodline have not been quelled, and more confrontations lie ahead.

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