Jack Swagger reflects on the status of Lucha Underground

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Jack Swagger reflects on the status of Lucha Underground

Jack Swagger is currently signed to Lucha Underground under the ring name Jake Strong, where he is the current Lucha Underground Champion. He is also signed as a heavyweight to the Bellator MMA promotion. Following a try-out, Hager signed a WWE contract in mid 2006 where he performed as "Jack Swagger"

During his time with WWE, he became a two-time world champion, having held the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship and the ECW Championship once each. He left the company in 2017 after he decided to pursue a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career.

In a recent interview with Pro Wrestling 24/7, Swagger reflected on the status of Lucha Underground: “Well, the sad part is, I’m not being told anything. It really sucks. We filmed season four in 2018, and at the end of that season all the execs at El Rey and Mark Burnett Productions were very happy with the season and they wanted to go into season five almost immediately.

That wasn’t the case and now, it’s been crickets, you know. It sucks because that was such a great show, fans could watch it and easily suspend disbelief, get into the crazy powers of the superstars of the characters and just enjoy pro wrestling.

That arena was something else. I think more shows should look into having an arena like that because it was like a playset that you grew up with as a kid."