Kurt Angle Reacts to Gable Steveson NXT Debut at Great American Bash

Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson makes a remarkable debut!

by Atia Mukhtar
Kurt Angle Reacts to Gable Steveson NXT Debut at Great American Bash

In a spectacular display at the "WWE NXT Great American Bash," Gable Steveson, a 2020 gold medalist, unveiled his professional wrestling prowess. The weekend's face-off against Baron Corbin culminated in a no-contest, but the match itself was imbued with moments that harked back to the golden days of fellow Olympian, Kurt Angle.

Steveson's execution of the ankle lock and his distinctive dropping of the singlet straps were reminiscent of Angle's iconic moves. Speaking on "The Kurt Angle Show," Angle, a WWE Hall of Famer, delved deep into his thoughts on the budding wrestler and the inevitable comparisons being drawn.

"The parallels between Steveson and me are evident, and while I understand the excitement, it's premature," Angle began. "It's a little unfair to put that weight on him right from the get-go. He's just making his mark, and only time will reveal his trajectory in this world."

Angle Praises Steveson's Potential

Continuing on the subject of Steveson's talent, Angle remarked, "There's no denying the raw athleticism and prowess he brings to the ring.

Though I'm curious to see how he evolves in the entertainment sphere, I've received positive reviews about his in-ring capabilities." A notable highlight from Angle's commentary was his perspective on the crowd's reaction.

The audience, he was told, grew particularly fervent when Steveson employed moves synonymous with Angle. This observation led Angle to a profound assertion: WWE might be orchestrating this comparison intentionally. Angle speculated, "There seems to be a deliberate effort by WWE to emphasize these similarities.

In my view, they're crafting a heel persona for him. I believe they instructed him to emulate some of my moves, not merely as a homage, but to generate a specific reaction from the fans. Starting out as a heel can be strategic, as it often garners stronger reactions than a babyface debut." Concluding his thoughts, Angle praised WWE's approach, emphasizing, "If this is indeed WWE's game plan, it's nothing short of ingenious." As the wrestling world awaits to see how Steveson's journey unfolds, the strategic placement of his debut and the echoes of Kurt Angle's legacy add layers to an already compelling narrative.

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