Why Josh Mathews Doesn't Regret His WWE Stint


Why Josh Mathews Doesn't Regret His WWE Stint

In a recent episode of Road Dogg's "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, the seasoned Josh Mathews took a moment to travel down memory lane, recounting his formative years in WWE and his evolving role in Impact Wrestling. The conversation was peppered with insights, underscoring how his perspective has matured and transformed since his early WWE days.

Mathews commented, "Looking back at my twenties, when I was deeply immersed in WWE, it sometimes feels like I was living a different life. As I navigate my early forties, I don't see my WWE tenure as a missed opportunity. On the contrary, it was an invaluable experience.

It was akin to being enrolled in WWE University, an analogy I often drew while working there."

"Jet Journeys: Mathews' WWE Memories"

He delved further into some of the more personal experiences from his WWE days, "There were numerous occasions when I'd find myself on the company's private jet, not because I was handpicked for that privilege, but due to my responsibilities back in Stamford the next morning.

Those flights were a microcosm of camaraderie. The atmosphere was laid-back, with colleagues relaxing, some sipping on a drink of their choice. And yet, I remember being continuously on edge, a feeling I later realized was unnecessary." Josh Mathews embarked on his WWE journey in 2001 after making an impression on "Tough Enough." He became a familiar face for over a decade, serving as both a backstage interviewer and commentator.

However, all journeys have their conclusions, and by 2014, Mathews' WWE chapter came to a close. TNA immediately scooped up his passion for wrestling and his gift of commentary now rebranded as Impact Wrestling. As their primary play-by-play announcer, Mathews breathed fresh life into matches, bringing his unique touch to the microphone.

Yet, by 2021, the winds of change were blowing again, and Mathews embraced a shift to a more behind-the-scenes producer role. Through all these transitions, one thing remains clear: Josh Mathews' love for wrestling and his commitment to evolving within the industry.