Candice Michelle's Enchanting Wand Leaves Fit Finlay Speechless

Candice Michelle's WWE journey: Wand gimmick's surprising success.

by Noman Rasool
Candice Michelle's Enchanting Wand Leaves Fit Finlay Speechless

Former WWE superstar Candice Michelle recently sat down with "WrestlingNewsCo" to reminisce about her time in wrestling and one particular prop that became an integral part of her presentation - her magical wand. During the interview, Michelle shared an amusing tale of how the wand came to be and its unexpected success in the WWE universe.

Recounting the genesis of the wand gimmick, Michelle fondly recalled her early days in the wrestling business, where she and fellow wrestlers would scour unconventional places, including "stripper stores," to find their unique wrestling gear.

During one of these excursions, on a Halloween-themed visit, Michelle stumbled upon a star wand typically used for costumes. Inspired by the idea of creating her own signature prop akin to Triple H's iconic sledgehammer, she excitedly shared her vision with her colleagues Torrie Wilson and Victoria.

A Memorable Encounter with Fit Finlay

Fast forward to a taping of "WWE Raw," where Michelle was all set to debut her whimsical wand. As she stepped into the ring for a tag team match, she had an unexpected encounter with the veteran wrestler Fit Finlay.

Fearlessly, she informed Finlay of her intentions to wield the wand like Triple H did with his sledgehammer, leaving him stunned and amused. Little did they know that this seemingly playful prop would eventually leave an indelible mark on her career.

Over the years, the wand's popularity grew exponentially, surprising even its creator. The WWE audience embraced the enchanting gimmick, and Michelle's wand soon symbolized her persona in the ring. The WWE turned the flimsy star wand into a solid steel version to meet the demand, transforming it from a mere novelty into a potentially dangerous weapon during her matches.

Though the WWE never officially released the wand as merchandise, fans' enthusiasm remained undiminished. Michelle's portrayal of a spellbinding enchantress armed with her mighty wand left an indelible impression on wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

Even years after her initial use of the gimmick, Fit Finlay approached Michelle backstage to reveal an unexpected request from his daughter - she desperately wanted one of her magic wands, a testament to the lasting impact of her character.

Recently, taking note of the wand's enduring popularity, Candice Michelle took it upon herself to cater to her fans' wishes. She made a fresh batch of rods and now personally sells them, providing enthusiasts with a tangible piece of her wrestling legacy.

Candice Michelle's magical wand symbolized her captivating in-ring persona and showcased her creativity and ability to connect with the WWE audience. From its humble beginnings in a Halloween store to becoming a sought-after piece of memorabilia, the wand remains a cherished part of WWE history, highlighting the enduring charm of the enchantress who wielded it.

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