Nick Gage Talks Jeff Hardy Encounter at GCW; Open to Future Match

GCW's Nick Gage opens up on crossing paths with Hardy.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Gage Talks Jeff Hardy Encounter at GCW; Open to Future Match

In a recent sit-down with MuscleManMalcom, Nick Gage, the "Deathmatch King," opened up about his much-talked-about interaction with Jeff Hardy at a Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) event. With reverence and respect, Gage fondly referred to their meeting as a "dream come true." Throughout the annals of pro-wrestling history, very few individuals have had as profound an impact on the industry as Jeff Hardy.

Gage acknowledged this influence, noting, "Jeff Hardy is a true trailblazer. His unique style and fearless approach to the ring have been instrumental in paving the way for many in the industry, especially the newer talents who look up to legends like him.

While they may be young from my vantage point, their admiration for Hardy's contributions is palpable."

GCW Welcomes Jeff Hardy Warmly

The GCW locker room, known for its eclectic mix of talents, received Jeff Hardy with open arms.

Gage added, "The ambiance backstage was electric when Jeff was around. He's not just an incredible athlete but also a genuinely great guy. Everybody warmed up to him instantaneously. It's always a pleasure for us at GCW to host stalwarts like Hardy." As the conversation with MuscleManMalcom progressed, attention shifted towards the tantalizing prospect of a face-off between Gage and the former WWE world champion.

Not one to mince words, Gage was upfront about his desire for such a match. "I would be more than ready to step into the ring with Jeff Hardy, irrespective of time or place," Gage declared. Yet, staying true to his "Deathmatch King" moniker, Gage had a playful yet chilling warning for Hardy.

"I've got no qualms in using my pizza cutter if we battle. Just picturing it, I can almost see him shedding a tear or two as I go for the attack." Gage further mused, "My double piledriver powerbomb should seal the deal. I'm confident that, in the end, I'd have my hand raised in victory." While no official match between the two has been announced, the wrestling world waits with bated breath to see if these two icons will eventually clash in the squared circle.

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