Nick Aldis on NWA: "They Owe Me, Doubt I'll See It"

Inside the ring, emotions run as high as stakes.

by Noman Rasool
Nick Aldis on NWA: "They Owe Me, Doubt I'll See It"

In a recent episode of the widely-listened-to podcast, Keepin' It 100 with Konnan and Disco Inferno, "The National Treasure," Nick Aldis delved into a series of topics, from rumored discussions with WWE to his unexpected departure from the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA).

Opening the discussion, Aldis artfully addressed the swirling rumors of him potentially joining the ranks of the WWE, not as a wrestler, but as a producer. "I cannot confirm or deny these talks," Aldis mentioned with a hint of intrigue.

He continued with a playful nod to WWE's merchandising arm, stating, "I happen to think there's a wide range of incredible merchandise available at WWE Shop." Such comments, while light-hearted, often fuel speculation in the wrestling community about potential behind-the-scenes discussions.

However, Aldis's tone took a sobering turn when he touched upon his exit from the NWA earlier this year. Evidently, the events leading up to his departure left a mark. Aldis detailed how his relationship with Pat Kenney, NWA's Director of Talent Relations, deteriorated.

"I don't wanna air dirty laundry," Aldis began, expressing his desire to maintain professionalism. "But he showed his true colors with my exit from the NWA." Aldis's Unsettled NWA Departure It's worth noting that leaving a wrestling promotion, especially under strained circumstances, can be both a personal and professional ordeal.

Aldis further revealed that he is yet to receive specific financial dues from the company. "They owe me money," he stated, "and it's probably never gonna come." Such revelations underscore the often tumultuous world of wrestling business deals and relationships.

What seemed to pain Aldis most was the money and the betrayal he felt from Kenney. "I felt betrayed by Pat," he confided, keeping the specifics of their fallout guarded. "I'll just leave it at that." As the wrestling world continues its endless churn of stories, both in and out of the ring, Aldis's revelations offer a rare peek into the challenges faced by talent, even as they climb to the top echelons of the industry.

With rumors of WWE talks and the emotional scars from NWA, it's evident that Nick Aldis's journey in wrestling is far from over.

Nick Aldis