Becky Lynch Speaks About Kayfab and Reality


Becky Lynch Speaks About Kayfab and Reality
Becky Lynch Speaks About Kayfab and Reality

Most wrestling fans know by now that professional wrestling is scripted. The wrestlers on TV are actors. In the WWE, most wrestlers are given scripts and are told exactly what to do. However, some wrestlers such as Becky Lynch act very well.

Fans can’t tell whether Becky is acting or expressing what she truly feels.

Becky Lynch Reveals That Her Segments Have an Element of Reality

Becky Lynch is trying to get Trish Stratus to fight her. However, Trish has so far refused to wrestle Becky.

This has become a storyline. Last week, Becky was seen tossing “Thank you Trish” t-shirts that were present backstage. She expressed her frustration about not getting a match with Trish and not being used at SummerSlam.

All of these segments were obviously scripted. However, fans believe that Becky is also expressing her real-life frustration about not getting a match with Trish. Becky spoke about this on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch. Becky stated that all of her segments have an element of reality to them.

"It's walking a fine line, right? People say that kayfabe is dead, and to a certain extent, it is, but people want to believe it," Lynch said. "People want to believe [in] what we're doing ... you want people to have that emotional hook.

But, there's also a thing where we tell them — this is a story, and it's actually being driven more and more [with] people are getting into ... the storytelling." Becky believes that the WWE has already given fans an idea of the business of wrestling.

According to Becky, the press conferences compliment the work doen by wrestling news outlets and dirt sheets. Becky believes that the WWE rumors and backstage drama keep the WWE product interesting as wrestling is not as secretive as it used to be at one time.

"In every single good story, there is a layer of truth and many layers of truth — quite often," Lynch stressed. "This is a competitive business. We're not all holding hands backstage going kumbaya, and if we are, we're not being honest with each other." Becky Lynch is one of the most popular stars in the WWE right now.

Becky Lynch was used extensively in 2019 on-wards as she became the most popular star in the WWE. She was more popular than men at that time. She is no longer part of a world title storyline, and is slowly making her way back to the top of the WWE.

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