Kevin Owens Credits Key Wrestlers for WWE Career Influence


Kevin Owens Credits Key Wrestlers for WWE Career Influence
Kevin Owens Credits Key Wrestlers for WWE Career Influence

One of WWE's standout performers, Kevin Owens, recently delved deep into the influences that have molded his illustrious career in the wrestling ring. A devout fan since his early years, Owens named a quartet of wrestling luminaries who left an indelible mark on his evolution both as a fan and a wrestler.

In an intimate conversation with the "Toronto Sun," Owens lauded Steve Corino - the former wrestling champion turned WWE coach, along with WWE Hall of Famers Trish Stratus, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels. According to Owens, this esteemed group constitutes the linchpins of his wrestling journey.

“It's an overwhelming emotion to consider my initial reverence for them and today, having the privilege to be in the same ring," Owens expressed. “Having Shawn around, especially in NXT, and now behind the scenes, and occasionally tapping into his wealth of experience is beyond rewarding.

And with Trish making her resurgence on 'WWE Raw', it's exhilarating to witness her magic firsthand and to soak in her seasoned insights”.

Owens Honors Corino and Austin

Owens reserves a special place in his heart for Corino, who he describes as an influence and a longstanding mentor.

Their encounters in the ring have been pivotal in Owens' growth as a wrestler. However, Owens' bout with Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38 in 2022 holds a cherished spot. Growing up idolizing the "Texas Rattlesnake," this face-off was the realization of a childhood dream.

“It's surreal," Owens reflected, "thinking about the icons who meant the world to me and now sharing the same space, especially with Stone Cold, who returned to the ring almost two decades after his last match, to face me.

How does one even encapsulate such a sentiment?” Having graced the squared circle for over 20 years, Owens is no stranger to accomplishments. Yet, as he looks to the horizon, he contemplates life beyond the mat. Recently, whispers have emerged about Owens potentially donning the hat of a commentator or stepping into the pivotal role of an agent/producer post-retirement.

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