Candice Michelle Admits WWE Heat with Melina Was Likely an Overreaction


Candice Michelle Admits WWE Heat with Melina Was Likely an Overreaction

In a recent exclusive interview with Steve Fall of "Ten Count," former WWE Women's Champion Candice Michelle opened up about her unexpected encounter with fellow wrestler Melina at a convention. The discussion shed light on a previous rift between the two, which had resurfaced following the attention their prior interview received.

Candice Michelle recounted the incident, explaining that everything had been going smoothly until she crossed paths with Melina at the convention. To her surprise, Melina appeared visibly upset and confronted her, saying, "I hear you're telling people that I'm hard to work with." Confused by the sudden tension, Candice sought to understand the root of the issue, as she believed they had resolved any past conflicts and maintained a cordial relationship.

Candice Defense

In the heat of the moment, Candice defended herself, recalling their past working relationship, saying, "You were hard to work with. Do you not remember? We were not friends. We made it work because we weren't friends." It became evident that some fans had misinterpreted or exaggerated their previous conversation, leading to a game of telephone that ultimately sparked the misunderstanding.

Despite the momentary tension, Candice Michelle and Melina managed to maintain their professionalism during the live Q&A session for the fans. However, the gravity of the situation was not lost on them, and they recognized the need to address the matter privately.

After the convention, the two wrestlers took the opportunity to sit down for dinner together. During this candid moment, Melina expressed remorse for her reaction and admitted that she may have overreacted. Being understanding and compassionate, Candice accepted her apology, and the two put the incident behind them.

Candice Michelle emphasized that contrary to rumors of an ongoing feud, there is no animosity between her and Melina. The encounter at the convention was merely a result of a misunderstanding fueled by fan gossip. This recent revelation offers a valuable lesson about the power of communication and the dangers of misinterpretation in the wrestling community.

As professional athletes, Candice Michelle and Melina understand the importance of addressing conflicts directly and professionally rather than relying on gossip and rumors.

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