Samoa Joe: Always Knew Roman Reigns Was WWE's 'The One

Samoa Joe reflects on Reigns' journey and potential.

by Atia Mukhtar
Samoa Joe: Always Knew Roman Reigns Was WWE's 'The One

Roman Reigns, often hailed as the torchbearer of WWE's new era, is now the center of a complex love-hate relationship with the WWE Universe. As he gracefully treads the line between acclaim and infamy, some reflect on his tumultuous journey, one filled with uncertainties from fans and skeptics alike.

However, one voice, Samoa Joe from AEW, firmly believed in Reigns' potential long before it became evident to the masses.

Samoa Joe: Reigns' Inevitable Rise

Speaking with Metro, Samoa Joe candidly remarked, "The potential I discerned in Roman's early career is manifesting today, a destiny that seemed inevitable to me." While Joe, currently enjoying a successful reign as the ROH World Television Champion, had many memorable battles with Reigns in the WWE ring, it was during these encounters that Joe realized Reigns' untapped potential.

Back then, Reigns’ character was vastly distinct from the dominant "Tribal Chief" persona fans have grown to admire today. Yet, even amidst the flares of criticism and doubt, Samoa Joe always saw a beacon of promise in Reigns.

"Sharing the squared circle with Roman," Joe mused, "I had this unwavering conviction — he was destined for greatness." He added, emphasizing his sentiment, "It was only a matter of time, giving him the freedom to explore and finally seizing the chance to evolve into a character that aligns more organically with his true essence.

And lo and behold, he did!" The transformation of Reigns is not just about a change in nickname or attire. With the inception of 'The Bloodline' storyline, he's embarked on a character evolution that has not only enhanced his in-ring prowess but has also provided depth to his persona.

This new layer to his character, amalgamated with exceptional athletic displays, has affirmed his place as one of the leading figures in professional wrestling today. In the annals of WWE, Reigns' journey, from initial skepticism to undeniable stardom, serves as a testament to resilience and growth. And as Samoa Joe observed, sometimes, it's all about patience and the right moment to shine.

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