Candice Michelle Magic Stuns Finlay!

Candice Michelle shares captivating tales from her WWE days.

by Atia Mukhtar
Candice Michelle Magic Stuns Finlay!

Former WWE superstar Candice Michelle, who had a notable stint with the company from 2004 to 2009, shared some intriguing insights about her wrestling career in a recent interview with "WrestlingNewsCo." One fascinating aspect she delved into was the magic wand prop that became a significant part of her wrestling persona.

During the interview with Steve Fall, Michelle reminisced about the origins of the magic wand gimmick and how it all began. She humorously recounted how, during her travels, she and her fellow wrestlers would visit "stripper stores" to find their gear – a quirky tradition from their earlier days in the wrestling business.

Michelle stumbled upon a star wand meant for costumes on one particular Halloween and had an epiphany. She decided this unique prop would be her new gimmick, drawing inspiration from Triple H's infamous sledgehammer. With her newfound concept in mind, Michelle excitedly headed to a "WWE Raw" taping to debut the magic wand in a tag team match.

As she stepped into the ring, she encountered Fit Finlay, and in a moment of jest, she playfully informed him of her intention to use the wand just like how Triple H wielded his sledgehammer. Finlay's reaction was priceless, seemingly taken aback by the playful comparison.

Wand's Evolution: From Flimsy to Steel

As time passed, the magic wand became integral to Candice Michelle's character, gaining popularity among fans and fellow wrestlers alike. Although it may not have been as formidable as Triple H's sledgehammer, Michelle revealed that the WWE creatively transformed the initially flimsy prop into a sturdy steel wand that resembled a weapon.

This alteration played a crucial role in its eventual success, making it a memorable and engaging element of her performances. Despite its popularity, the company never capitalized on the wand's marketability and merchandise potential.

However, the resourceful Michelle took matters into her own hands. Recently, she had replicas of the magic wand made and made them available for purchase, allowing fans to own a piece of wrestling history and cherish the memories associated with this unique and enchanting gimmick.

Reflecting on the impact of the magic wand on her career, Candice Michelle expressed joy and satisfaction in having created something distinctive and memorable during her time with WWE. The rod symbolized her character and left a lasting impression on Fit Finlay, who later approached her to request a wand for his daughter, proving that even the most miniature prop can forge meaningful connections within the wrestling community.

Candice Michelle