LA Knight Revels in Unexpected Rapid Rise to WWE Stardom


LA Knight Revels in Unexpected Rapid Rise to WWE Stardom

LA Knight, the new face of Slim Jim, recently celebrated a significant triumph at the SummerSlam Battle Royal on Saturday. Not long after his impressive win, Knight debuted in his inaugural commercial as WWE's ambassador for the popular spiced beef brand.

For the erstwhile Million Dollar Champion, this journey to the top echelons of the WWE main roster has been both rewarding and unexpectedly swift. Though many might associate LA Knight with his recent entry to the SmackDown roster last October, his roots in wrestling run deep.

He reminisced about his journey during the post-SummerSlam press briefing. The ex-Impact World Champion has carved a niche for himself in various promotions. Yet, it was his 2021 debut in "NXT" that reinvigorated his wrestling career, giving the seasoned wrestler a refreshing beginning.

Reflecting on his journey, Knight commented, "In a peculiar sense, my ascent has been extraordinarily quick."

Knight's Unexpected WWE Surge

The overwhelming embrace he received from the WWE Universe caught Knight by surprise.

"I've always been confident in the unique flair I bring to the table," said Knight. "But the rapidity at which my career catapulted in WWE? I hadn't envisioned that. Yet, here we stand." He's aware of the fans' clamor for WWE management to give him a more prominent role, colloquially termed "strapping the rocket." Knight, with a smirk, remarked, "I've taken matters into my own hands.

Hence, the present: me, Slim Jim, a Battle Royal with 25 challengers outmaneuvered, and my victorious arm raised in triumph." Insiders have noted that Knight's stock within WWE's managerial circles has been on a steady uptrend.

There are whispers of a potential spotlight moment for him later this year. However, while his in-ring prowess is undeniable, there have been murmurs about his backstage demeanor. Some insiders suggest that he lacks the finesse of backstage politics, occasionally ruffling a few feathers.

Regardless, LA Knight's trajectory in WWE remains one of the most intriguing narratives to watch unfold as the year progresses.

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