Ricochet Eyes Victory Over Ex-WWE Champ


Ricochet Eyes Victory Over Ex-WWE Champ
Ricochet Eyes Victory Over Ex-WWE Champ

WWE's current roster boasts some of the most skilled and electrifying talents in the world of professional wrestling. While many shine brightly, certain superstars remain as true luminaries. Ricochet, known for his aerial prowess, recently sat down with "Stay Busy with Armon Sadler" and took the opportunity to laud the phenomenal talents of AJ Styles, a former WWE Champion.

But he didn't just stop at praises; he emphasized his determination to finally notch a definitive victory over Styles inside the iconic four-sided ring. In Ricochet's own words, "There's truly no one who personifies excellence in our industry quite like AJ Styles.

That said, my journey feels incomplete without a decisive win against him. To be frank, for me, wrestling doesn't get any more challenging or rewarding than facing AJ Styles."

Ricochet's Struggles Against Styles

Historically, the two have squared off on multiple occasions.

Yet, luck hasn't favored Ricochet much against "The Phenomenal One." A classic instance of this was at WWE Extreme Rules 2019, where Styles outwrestled Ricochet, ensuring the latter's United States Championship reign was brief.

However, it's worth noting that professional rivalries don't necessarily breed personal disdain. Ricochet's reverence for Styles is evident. The burning question remains: Will the high-flyer ever find himself with his hand raised after facing Styles? It's complicated, especially considering both superstars are anchored on different WWE brands, suggesting Ricochet might need to bide his time.

Ricochet's admiration isn't solely reserved for Styles. The interview also illuminated his appreciation for the rich tapestry of talents within WWE. He spotlighted "NXT" standouts like Chase U and Judgement Day's Dominik Mysterio as the present and future of WWE entertainment.

And when it comes to seasoned legends, Ricochet's respect for multi-time World Champion Randy Orton was clear. The WWE universe can only watch in anticipation as these narratives unfold.