Eddie Kingston eyes unexpected AEW group membership

AEW's Eddie Kingston eyes unexpected alliances in wrestling's arena

by Noman Rasool
Eddie Kingston eyes unexpected AEW group membership

In the dynamic world of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), collaborations, partnerships, and alliances often shape the outcomes and excitement of the ring. Eddie Kingston, known for his bold demeanor and unpredictable partnerships, is no exception to this.

Despite his tumultuous history with several AEW personalities, he has expressed a surprising desire to join a faction that would align him with some unexpected allies. Kingston’s relationship with Jon Moxley has been notably turbulent in AEW’s storyline.

Their once-solid bond was strained when Moxley chose to join forces with Kingston’s nemesis, Claudio Castagnoli, as part of The Blackpool Combat Club. This alliance certainly raised eyebrows, and fans speculated about Kingston's next move in this chess game of wrestling politics.

However, in a twist no one saw coming, Kingston showed interest in joining a unique ensemble that would have him share the ring with The Hardys, Isiah Kassidy, and Ethan Page. Such a combination would not only redefine Kingston’s character but would also significantly reshape the dynamics of AEW’s group narratives.

The revelation about Kingston’s intriguing proposition came to light during Matt Hardy's podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy”. In an episode, Hardy shed light on potential additions to his faction, the Hardy Party.

He expressed a keen interest in partnering with Wardlow, describing him as a prime pick.

Kingston's Unexpected Hardy Party Proposal

Nevertheless, it was his revelation about Eddie Kingston that caught listeners by surprise.

Hardy shared, “Eddie Kingston approached me with a proposal. Before setting off for Japan, he posed a question that took me off guard. He said, 'Upon my return from the G1, could I align myself with you?' He admired our creative efforts and the seamless dynamics of our group.

'I see the direction you guys are headed in, and I'd love to be part of that journey,' Kingston confided. He wanted in on The Hardy Party”. Matt Hardy, visibly pleased by this, added, “I’ve always had immense respect for Eddie Kingston.

His passion, commitment, and now, his unexpected desire to work with us just cements that admiration”. This potential alignment signifies a change in tides and showcases the ever-evolving nature of AEW's intricate relationships and storytelling. It remains to be seen how this chapter unfolds in the annals of AEW.

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