Cody Rhodes comments on The Elite's renewed contract with AEW


Cody Rhodes comments on The Elite's renewed contract with AEW

Cody Rhodes, a stalwart in the professional wrestling industry, recently shared his perspective on The Elite's decision to renew their commitment to All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The Elite, comprising Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), and Adam Page, have consistently played a crucial role in AEW’s growth and influence since its inception.

The story of AEW is inextricably linked to these wrestling superstars. Back in 2019, as AEW was taking its first steps, The Elite, together with Cody Rhodes, formed the foundation upon which the company built its brand. This recent move ensures that the group will continue to grace the AEW stage for an extended period, though the specifics of the tenure remain under wraps.

However, Cody Rhodes’s journey took a different turn. In a surprising move in February 2022, Rhodes opted not to renew his contract with AEW. This decision led to his dramatic return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), marking his re-debut at WrestleMania 38 a few weeks following his AEW departure.

During the media scrum at SummerSlam, Nick Hausman of Haus of Wrestling posed a question to Rhodes, keen to understand his feelings regarding The Elite's contrasting decision to stay with AEW. Rhodes, always gracious and eloquent, expressed genuine delight for his colleagues.

Rhodes Celebrates Wrestlers' Success

“It fills me with immense joy whenever a wrestler or Superstar secures a lucrative deal,” began Rhodes. “The sacrifices, physical challenges, and sheer determination required in this profession is immense.

Knowing that your contemporaries, those who endure the same trials and tribulations, are being justly rewarded is genuinely exhilarating. I echo Nick Jackson’s sentiments, as it appears they've secured deals comparable to NBA-level contracts”.

Rhodes continued, “My heart is genuinely filled with happiness for them. I cherish the times we shared, and while a part of me wishes for a reunion, I wholeheartedly respect their decisions. Being at WWE now, I've come to realize that the environment and work ethic align more closely with my personality.

Yet, seeing my former colleagues thrive brings immense joy”. In an industry known for its fierce rivalries and dramatic storylines, Rhodes's sentiment underscores the camaraderie that binds these athletes together.

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