Becky Lynch on Being the Face of the WWE

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Becky Lynch on Being the Face of the WWE

Becky Lynch is currently both RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion. She is with the WWE for their European Tour and did some promotion work. She spoke about her initial reaction after she had won the belts with WFF – 100% Catch.

She stated that she thanked everyone that she thought deserved it. "Backstage, I think I hugged everybody," Lynch said. "Gosh, it's almost like a blur at this stage because there was just so much going on, so much adrenaline.

Just having accomplished everything you worked your entire life for, it's a lot to take in. I actually don't think I have sat back and let it sink in. Afterwards, I just thanked the people that got me there, whether you know those people or you don't know those people, I just made sure they all got thanked."

Becky Lynch is currently the only female that has two titles on her. During the interview, she was asked whether she is the new face of the WWE. "Absolutely, absolutely, I'm running two shows," Lynch responded.

"Freakin' AJ Styles and Seth Rollins can argue about the house that AJ built or this is freakin' Monday Night Rollins, no, no, no, there's only one person in the company with two belts. I'm running the show." Lynch is going to pull double duty at the Money in The Bank PPV. She will face Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans.