Kevin Owens Discusses the Experience of Performing for WWE's Canadian Fans

Montreal's arena recently witnessed an unforgettable wrestling spectacle.

by Noman Rasool
Kevin Owens Discusses the Experience of Performing for WWE's Canadian Fans

As WWE gears up for its highly anticipated return to Canada for a series of events, Canadian-born Kevin Owens is brimming with enthusiasm at the prospect of wrestling in front of his home crowd. The visceral connection Owens feels with the Canadian audience is one he believes is unparalleled and tried to convey to his colleagues and the management.

However, he finds it challenging to explain the deep resonance he shares with them. Speaking candidly to the Toronto Sun, Owens expressed, "I've endeavored to illustrate the unique bond we have with the Canadian fans to both my fellow wrestlers and the management.

While local stars in the U.S. undoubtedly receive admiration from their hometown audience, it's qualitatively different in Canada."

"Canada's Unwavering WWE Support"

His statement resonated strongly, recalling the euphoria experienced during Sami Zayn's pivotal match against Roman Reigns at WWE's Elimination Chamber 2023 in Montreal.

The arena was electric, brimming with emotional support that represented not just the local audience but the entire Canadian nation. Owens passionately remarked that this kind of reception is consistent throughout Canada, no matter the province.

"Whether in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, or any other province, there's this incredible energy. Canadian audiences react as if every Canadian wrestler is one of their own, regardless of the specific city or region. It's like Canada is one vast, united hometown," Owens elaborated.

He added, "Sami and I have been fortunate to experience this unbridled enthusiasm not just in Montreal but also in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver – truly, across the country." Kevin Owens emphasized that this phenomenon is not exclusive to him or Sami.

He believes any Canadian star stepping onto the WWE stage in their homeland will feel this overwhelming warmth and support. Searching for a parallel, Owens pointed out the incredible reception Shinsuke Nakamura receives in Japan.

"It's akin to how Japanese audiences rally behind Nakamura. He's always celebrated as a national hero regardless of the city," he concluded. In a competitive sports entertainment world, nationwide support stands out, highlighting the unique relationship between Canadian WWE stars and their dedicated fans.

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