Jorge Masvidal Challenges WWE: Ready to 'Domesticate' the Roster

MMA's Jorge Masvidal hints at a WWE crossover.

by Noman Rasool
Jorge Masvidal Challenges WWE: Ready to 'Domesticate' the Roster

In a recent exclusive with Sports Illustrated, Jorge Masvidal, the MMA sensation who recently headlined UFC 287, discussed the possibility of a foray into the world of professional wrestling, specifically WWE. Known for his no-nonsense attitude and electric fight style, Masvidal's hints at transitioning into the squared circle have sent ripples throughout both the MMA and wrestling communities.

"Look, life's been incredibly hectic lately," began Masvidal. "But when opportunities knock, I'm the kind of guy who answers. So, if WWE and I can find the right number, then who knows? Maybe the WWE Universe will get to witness Gamebred in their ring."

Masvidal's Previous AEW Encounter

Notably, this wouldn't be Masvidal's first brush with the world of pro wrestling.

Fans of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) might recall Masvidal's guest appearance in 2021. The MMA juggernaut delivered his signature flying knee to former world champion Chris Jericho, a move that echoes his most iconic knockout in the UFC.

For those uninitiated, the flying knee symbolizes Masvidal's style — unexpected, unrelenting, and unmatched. It's this very energy and style that he believes he'd bring to WWE. Drawing a line in the sand, he didn't mince words when discussing how he'd size up against WWE's talent.

"If WWE truly wants a savage in their mix, then they know where to find me," Masvidal asserted. "Should they call, they won't just get a fighter. They'll get someone ready to shake things up. If I step into that WWE ring, those superstars better be ready.

I'm not there to play games; I'd domesticate the roster." While Masvidal's fighting credentials are irrefutable, transitioning to WWE would undoubtedly be a significant departure from the octagon. WWE offers a blend of athleticism, entertainment, and storytelling, which can be a vastly different environment from the UFC.

Only time will tell if WWE will meet Masvidal's terms, and if they do, whether the "Gamebred" fighter can translate his MMA success into pro-wrestling gold.