AEW Stars Reflect on Past Partnerships at Terrificon Panel

Ethan Page revisits past alliances in recent discussion.

by Atia Mukhtar
AEW Stars Reflect on Past Partnerships at Terrificon Panel

In the intricate world of professional wrestling, some storylines and partnerships transcend their envisioned plans and resonate deeply with fans, leaving them yearning for more. On occasion, even wrestlers feel that certain plots or partnerships could have been explored further.

This sentiment was strongly echoed by three All Elite Wrestling (AEW) luminaries – Danhausen, Ethan Page, and Wardlow – during a recent Q&A session at Terrificon, as reported by Fandom Spotlite. The panel kicked off with Danhausen, who reminisced not about a classic rivalry, but a tag team alliance that was short-lived.

Touching on his pairing with HOOK, he shared, "I genuinely feel 'Hookhausen' could've run a longer mile. Every day, fans remind me about the potential of our partnership. It wasn’t about competition, but the powerful synergy between us."

Page Reflects on Unfinished Story

Following the pattern set by Danhausen, Ethan Page discussed a chapter from his past.

"If I had to pinpoint one, I'd say Scorpio Sky and I have a tale that’s yet to be concluded," said Page. "It's a chapter I'm eager to write. The potential was undeniable." Page went on to commend Dan Lambert, the manager who oversaw his tag team collaboration with Sky, emphasizing Lambert's invaluable guidance and insights.

Wardlow, not wanting to stray from the ongoing tag theme, delved into his experience with none other than Samoa Joe. Highlighting their dynamic partnership and the subsequent shift to rivalry, he mentioned, "If there was ever a partnership I felt had more layers to uncover, it was with Samoa Joe.

The visions I had of our potential far exceeded our reality." Shifting his focus, Wardlow also touched upon his history with Powerhouse Hobbs. With a tone of reconciliation, he said, "I believe my days of facing Powerhouse Hobbs in the ring are behind me.

There's potential for us, not as adversaries, but allies. We could be an unmatched tag team force." Such reflections not only offer a glimpse into the wrestlers' perspectives but also tease potential future storylines that might just be waiting in the wings. As AEW continues to grow and evolve, fans can only speculate and hope for the return of some of these iconic pairings.

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