The New Day's Resounding Comeback on "WWE Raw" Tonight

Amidst triumphant returns, Big E's journey takes a twist.

by Atia Mukhtar
The New Day's Resounding Comeback on "WWE Raw" Tonight

On the exhilarating evening of August 7, 2023, the WWE Universe witnessed an electrifying resurgence on "WWE Raw." After much speculation, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of the illustrious New Day faction made their anticipated return to the squared circle, and in grand style, they clinched a victory against the Viking Raiders in a tag team bout.

Subsequent to their triumphant in-ring appearance, they graced the fans with a backstage segment, further cementing their come back.

Big E's Uncertain Wrestling Future

However, in a notable absence, Big E was missing from the spotlight.

For those unaware, Big E has been contending with a daunting neck injury since March of 2022. This ailment was so severe that it necessitated a neck fusion surgery. Distressingly, while speaking over SummerSlam weekend, Big E brought to light the medical advice from certain practitioners suggesting he might never step inside the ring as a competitor again.

Nonetheless, his immense charisma and unparalleled talent hint at potential alternative roles within the WWE landscape. But tonight was not about absences; it was about returns. Kofi Kingston, who himself faced adversity with an ankle injury that kept him out of action since February, made a statement.

Fans fondly recall his last bout on "WWE SmackDown," where he demonstrated his undying resilience by besting LA Knight. Complementing Kingston's return, Xavier Woods, whose last match was in May against Dominik Mysterio on "Raw," showed that he's back and better than ever.

Sources like Fightful Select had previously hinted at this monumental return, with whispers of the New Day engaging with the Viking Raiders. For those with a keen memory, the two powerhouse teams previously engaged in a fierce rivalry in the latter part of last year.

That feud culminated in a Viking Rules match, with the Viking Raiders standing tall. Tonight, however, was a clear sign that The New Day is back, and with all their infectious energy, are ready to reclaim their spot at the pinnacle of tag team wrestling.

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