Tribal Combat at WWE SummerSlam '23: Bully Ray & Mark Henry Weigh In

Mark Henry's recent comments spark deeper match analysis.

by Atia Mukhtar
Tribal Combat at WWE SummerSlam '23: Bully Ray & Mark Henry Weigh In

Two days post-WWE SummerSlam, the wrestling universe is still abuzz about the spectacular showdown dubbed the "biggest party of the summer." At the heart of this buzz is the unforgettable main event: a Tribal Combat match between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso.

The stakes were sky-high as Reigns not only successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Title but also cemented his position as the rightful Tribal Chief. But, the match wasn't without its controversies, particularly the shock twist ending where Jey's trust was betrayed by his brother, Jimmy.

Given the magnitude of the event and its aftermath, it was inevitable that the crew of "Busted Open Radio" would offer their take. On their most recent episode, WWE legends Bully Ray and Mark Henry dissected the event, and they didn't hold back their critiques.

Henry Questions Match Stipulations

Henry, in particular, voiced confusion regarding the match's stipulations. "I wasn't caught off guard thinking he might win, despite being pretty certain he wouldn't," Henry expressed. "My issue lay with the rules.

They weren't delineated clearly enough. It's billed as a bout of honor. I was under the impression that interfering would mean forfeiting any claim to the Tribal Chief title. So, Jimmy's involvement? It baffled me." While Henry grappled with the plot twist, Bully Ray had different reservations.

For him, the match title of "Tribal Combat" suggested certain cultural connotations, but what ensued appeared like a regular No Disqualification match under a different moniker. Bully Ray had some intriguing ideas on how the match could've been more impactful.

The standout suggestion? Incorporating a member from the illustrious Fatu/Anoa'i family lineage, preferably an Elder, at ringside. "Picture this," Bully Ray animatedly shared, "An Elder, say Rikishi, seated ringside, representing the family and ensuring that the essence of Tribal Combat is maintained.

Now, imagine Rikishi's evident disappointment when things don't go as per the tribal code. He stands, visibly disheartened, and departs. Just thinking about it gives me chills. Because now, you're wondering, where's Rikishi headed? Probably to convey his discontentment over the match's proceedings. It'd be an enriching layer to the narrative."

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