Drew McIntyre Discusses WWE Hiatus, Aims for Fan Longing


Drew McIntyre Discusses WWE Hiatus, Aims for Fan Longing
Drew McIntyre Discusses WWE Hiatus, Aims for Fan Longing

Drew McIntyre, a prominent face in the world of WWE, recently made a compelling return at Money in the Bank 2023. Though his attempt to capture the Intercontinental title from Austria's GUNTHER at WWE SummerSlam ended in a setback, the event marked the reestablishment of McIntyre's presence in the ring.

Following his exhilarating return, he sat down with Armon Sadler on the "Stay Busy" show to reflect on his journey. His hiatus from the WWE began post his triple-threat defeat at WrestleMania 39. McIntyre openly shared how the absence felt for him.

Known for his relentless energy, he admitted, "I tend to get stir-crazy when inactive." Yet, he recognized the necessity of this break. He believed it crucial to disconnect and gain a new perspective, stepping away from the constant whirlwind of the wrestling universe.

During this pause, McIntyre had a chance to reevaluate and address certain aspects of his life. "For once, it wasn't about physical rehabilitation," he quipped. This time away allowed him to focus on personal projects, spend invaluable time with family, and essentially, recharge his batteries.

McIntyre Clears Air on Hiatus Rumors

As with any notable absence, rumors swirled regarding McIntyre's hiatus. Addressing these, he confirmed a few as accurate but chose to keep specifics under wraps. Interestingly, this period of introspection led to a deeper respect for his career.

Drew shared a renewed sense of appreciation for the wrestling world, saying that the time off enabled him to reconnect with the essence of what he does. Fans speculated widely about McIntyre's potential consideration for a limited schedule in the future.

Addressing this, "The Scottish Psychopath" expressed that while he cherishes the sport deeply, he would only adopt a reduced schedule if mandated by physical necessities. McIntyre's affection for his fans shone brightly throughout the conversation.

Reflecting on their response to the rumors during his break, he expressed gratitude. "Their reaction, their concerns about my uncertain future, only highlighted the strong bond I've built with many out there," McIntyre expressed with sincerity. He added, "It was heartening to feel missed and to witness fans rallying around me. That's an unmatchable connection."

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