Val Venis Reminisces on RTC Era, Desires Extended WWE Tenure for Group


Val Venis Reminisces on RTC Era, Desires Extended WWE Tenure for Group

While many fans nostalgically recall Val Venis for his provocative WWE persona as a wrestling adult film star, there was a significant chapter when he deviated from this image. Joining the group "Right To Censor" (RTC), Venis experienced a dramatic shift in character.

Reflecting on this transformation on the "Brisco and Bradshaw" show, Venis elaborated on the circumstances that influenced this change. "The landscape was different then," Venis began, "You might remember how the Parental Television Council (PTC) was putting immense pressure on our sponsors." The council's influence was evident when it persuaded Coca-Cola to withdraw its advertising from 'WWE Raw.'

This posed a significant concern for Vince McMahon, WWE's chairman.

"McMahon's Defiant RTC Formation"

In what seemed like a strategic and defiant move, McMahon decided to rebrand some of WWE's most controversial characters, including Venis and The Godfather.

The intent? To present a cleaned-up version, almost as a taunting gesture towards the PTC's scrutiny. Thus, the RTC was conceived. Reflecting on the group's journey, Venis remarked, "Considering the impact we had and the message we conveyed, I've often wondered why RTC's tenure wasn't extended." He theorized that the PTC's influence diminished over time, as did the need for a faction like the RTC.

After all, its inception was primarily a satirical commentary on the PTC's criticisms. Speaking about his experience, Venis reminisced, "RTC was truly a unique assembly. Collaborating with everyone was a joy." However, only some things were rosy.

One of his major gripes was the RTC attire. Wrestling in formal trousers and a necktie was a challenge, especially for someone like Venis, who perspires heavily during matches. "Cleaning knee pads and trunks? A breeze. But was he laundering a full formal outfit after every bout? It was grueling," he quipped.

Yet, there was a shared passion among the RTC members for all the challenges. Ivory, one of the critical members, was equally enthusiastic about her role in the faction. For her, the RTC storyline allowed her to dive deep and deliver a standout performance.

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