Val Venis Reminisces on RTC Era; Hoped for Longer WWE Run

WWE's Val Venis delves into RTC's fleeting spotlight.

by Atia Mukhtar
Val Venis Reminisces on RTC Era; Hoped for Longer WWE Run

Val Venis, predominantly recognized as WWE's wrestling persona of an adult film star, experienced a significant transition when he aligned himself with the Right To Censor (RTC). This shift from his usual character made headlines, and Venis opened up about this era during his appearance on the "Brisco and Bradshaw" show.

Recalling the context of that period, Venis shared, "In those days, the Parental Television Council (PTC) was aggressively targeting our sponsors. The intensity reached such a point that even giants like Coca-Cola withdrew their advertisements from 'WWE Raw'

Understandably, this move got Vince McMahon quite concerned." In an intriguing turn of events, McMahon responded in his trademark style instead of bowing to the pressures. He cherry-picked all the characters that were generating the most controversies on television, such as Venis and The Godfather.

Vince's strategy was to modify these personas, stripping them of elements that could be considered objectionable. The intention? To present a polished and pristine version for the PTC, as a satirical response to their criticisms.

Thus, the inception of the Right To Censor took place.

RTC's Short-lived WWE Tenure

Venis was quite introspective about the group's relatively brief existence. He mused, "For a faction that created so many ripples, I often wonder why RTC didn't enjoy a more prolonged tenure." He hypothesizes that the diminishing influence of the PTC might have played a role.

As the council lost its prominence and gradually retreated from the limelight, the purpose of the RTC – essentially to lampoon the PTC's media stance – lost its weight. Venis offered a candid view of his RTC experience: "While the RTC era was exceptional, and working with everyone was an absolute delight, I had my grievances too." His most prominent gripe? Wrestling attire.

Accustomed to his regular gear, the switch to long pants and a tie was challenging. "I sweat profusely during matches," he lamented, "While washing kneepads and trunks is a breeze, dealing with a full ensemble of shirt and pants after every bout was exhausting." The silver lining? Being an integral part of the RTC alongside other talents.

Ivory, another member of the group, was equally enthusiastic, embracing her role with fervor and thoroughly "sinking her teeth" into the character.

Val Venis