LA Knight Reveals Origin of 'Everybody' Catchphrase

From daily life to the WWE stage, Knight evolves.

by Atia Mukhtar
LA Knight Reveals Origin of 'Everybody' Catchphrase

WWE superstar LA Knight's skyrocketing fame among fans is unmistakably tangible. His triumph in the Slim Jim Battle Royal at SummerSlam resulted in a roaring audience, marking one of the most ecstatic responses of the evening.

Knight's rapport with the audience is rooted in his genuine demeanor – an exaggerated reflection of his true self. During a candid conversation on "After the Bell", Knight delved into the inception of his iconic catchphrase, "Everybody!"— a slice from his own life that resonates with many.

Reflecting on his days as a restaurant worker, Knight reminisced, "Whenever you maneuvered around a corner balancing drinks and dishes, you'd shout 'Corner!' to prevent collisions. For reasons even I can't fathom, instead of 'Corner!', I'd yell 'Everybody!', warning others of my approach."

Knight's Catchphrases: Organic Origins

His casual banter soon became a distinctive signature, "If these words come out naturally in my daily life, why not integrate them into my professional persona?" Notably, "Everybody!" gained traction during Knight's early days at the WWE Performance Center.

His other catchphrase, "Yeah!", has an equally organic backstory. Delving deeper into the essence of his WWE character, "The Megastar", Knight expounded on the careful curation of his on-screen identity. He confessed, "My on-screen presence today aligns closely with the role I've been honing for about a decade, maybe 13 years.

Questions like 'How would he present himself? What would he wear?' were all answered by introspecting 'What would the exaggerated version of me do?'" Knight's distinctive approach has undoubtedly struck a chord. With his steadily escalating stature, skyrocketing merchandise sales, and a potential shift from "WWE Smackdown" to "Raw" – evident from his recent face-off with The Miz – it's clear he's on an ascending trajectory.

Their electric exchange, which transitioned from sharp words to a physical duel, mirrors Knight's philosophy from his early fandom days. "I always recollect what intrigued me as a viewer," Knight opined. "I was always captivated by those who could articulate their thoughts compellingly and then substantiate their words in the ring. My ultimate aim is to engage the audience with words, setting the stage for the real action."

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