Ronda Rousey on WWE Comrades

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Ronda Rousey on WWE Comrades

Ronda Rousey is one of the pioneers of the women’s MMA. She was part of the first ever UFC women’s main event. Ronda Rousey was almost unstoppable in the UFC. She submitted or knocked out almost every woman she faced.

After being stopped by Holly Holms and Amanda Nunes, she left the UFC and started her WWE career. Rousey was part of the WrestleMania 35 main event. She hasn’t appeared on WWE TV ever since WrestleMania 35, and reports state she may never return to the WWE.

While talking to Megan Olivi, she spoke about her WWE comrades and that she misses them. "But I completely fell in love with it and every single person there. I feel like I really found a whole lot of lifelong friends that I didn't even see coming," Rousey admitted.

"It was something I thought would be a small detour, but it became my whole life for a year. "They say no one really retires but we will see. I'm trying to do the baby thing now so we will play it by ear. I do miss a lot of little things about it.

Like me and the girls would have rituals we would do throughout the day, small comforts. Like saying good luck, good job. It's fun watching and I miss them. But, happy to be resting, healing up."