Eric Bischoff Weighs In on WWE's Cody Rhodes Vs. Brock Lesnar Saga


Eric Bischoff Weighs In on WWE's Cody Rhodes Vs. Brock Lesnar Saga

In a memorable showdown at WWE SummerSlam, "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes emerged victorious against the indomitable Brock Lesnar. A heartwarming display of sportsmanship followed, with Lesnar magnanimously raising Rhodes's hand in acknowledgment of the riveting culmination to their gripping four-month-long narrative.

The pair had clashed in the ring thrice, each bout an epitome of wrestling mastery.

Bischoff Analyzes Rhodes-Lesnar Finale

Eric Bischoff, voicing his thoughts on the latest "83 Weeks" episode, dissected this rubber match, the final contest between Rhodes and Lesnar.

"The caliber of that match was truly exceptional," Bischoff remarked. "Its improvisational ending—assuming it indeed was improvised—where Brock graciously raises Cody's hand, acknowledging him even in defeat, was sheer brilliance.

To anyone who believes that bout lacked narrative depth, I challenge them to witness it once more. It was, in every essence, spectacular." Bischoff's insight didn't stop there. He commended Lesnar for portraying Rhodes as the victor so convincingly.

Although Rhodes boasts an enviable track record of resilience and skill inside the squared circle, in the narrative arc of their storyline, he was distinctly the underdog. Positioned with seemingly insurmountable challenges ahead, Rhodes faced Lesnar's overwhelming physical prowess head-on.

The "Beast Incarnate" further heightened the drama by mockingly encouraging Rhodes to spare himself from impending doom. Yet, against all expectations, Rhodes rallied back, vanquishing the "Beast". Bischoff couldn't help but sing praises.

"This ranks among the finest storylines I've witnessed unfold on pay-per-view in recent times," he exclaimed. "Kudos to Lesnar for his performance. And while I personally had no role in this, seeing Cody’s triumph evokes immense pride.

The journey he's embarked upon is truly commendable, and for that, I couldn’t be prouder of Cody Rhodes."

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