Omos discusses the difficulty of becoming a babyface in WWE


Omos discusses the difficulty of becoming a babyface in WWE

The Nigerian colossus, Omos, has established himself as an indomitable force in the WWE ring since his debut. There's only a select group of Superstars who can boast about a solo victory over this giant. The sheer magnitude of his physique, paired with the intimidating muscles, makes him a natural heel.

Whether it's overpowering multiple adversaries with one stroke or giving a triumphant moment to a valiant babyface, particularly if they manage to floor the giant, Omos is the ideal antagonist. Yet, history shows that some wrestlers remain unchanged in their roles.

Icons like Rey Mysterio and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat have remained true to their personas, never deviating throughout their storied careers. The ever-daunting presence of Monday Night Raw's behemoth, Omos, presents a captivating challenge when imagining him as the quintessential "good guy."

Omos on Wrestling's Psychological Complexities

In a candid conversation with Sportsnet, Omos delved into the intricate dynamics of wrestling psychology.

He mused, “From a deeper psychological perspective, imagine the mammoth challenge of garnering sympathy for a towering seven-foot-three figure, bulging with muscles and emitting a palpable aura of intimidation. Traditionally, heels are not seen as inspirational figures, but rather, it's the babyfaces that spark inspiration.

The real puzzle for someone like me is: How does a towering figure, someone so physically imposing, serve as a beacon of inspiration? The sheer size makes relatability a challenge. When audiences see a David vs. Goliath scenario unfold, instinctively, they rally behind the underdog, hoping for a classic tale of the little guy overcoming the giant”.

Having been crowned a former Tag Team Champion, Omos took a moment to reflect on his journey. He spoke with heartfelt gratitude about his decision to embrace wrestling, calling it one of the most transformative choices of his life.

He shared, “Each day is an exhilarating adventure. Stepping into my character, eliciting strong emotions, be it love or loathing, from the audience is truly remarkable. It's humbling to think that somewhere out there, a young fan will grow up with memories of me on their screens. This life, this opportunity, is beyond anything I ever imagined”.