Vince McMahon & WWE Hit with Unusual Handwritten Lawsuit

An unexpected legal twist emerges in the WWE realm.

by Atia Mukhtar
Vince McMahon & WWE Hit with Unusual Handwritten Lawsuit

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is no stranger to controversy, but the latest legal challenge facing him and WWE is undoubtedly one of the most unconventional in recent memory. As disclosed in WWE's second quarter 2023 financial filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission, McMahon was served with a federal grand jury subpoena on July 17, 2023, as part of a broader federal investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct and hush money payments.

While no charges have been brought forward, McMahon has categorically denied any intentional wrongdoing. In a surprising twist, court documents obtained by PWInsider reveal that McMahon and WWE are now the subject of a bizarre lawsuit filed by Dana W.

Wiley in the United States District Court of The Western District of Pennsylvania.

Handwritten Suit Over Bliss Meeting

The lawsuit alleges a breach of contract and failure to reimburse a $5,500 “down payment hangout, WhatsApp email contract to personal fan meet World Wrestling Entertainment employee Alexa Bliss” on June 30.

The lawsuit is penned in handwriting, adding an unconventional layer to an already strange case. In the documents, Wiley claims that McMahon discriminated against him after his arrest for attempted homicide and aggravated assault against New Castle, Pennsylvania, Law Enforcement on October 22, 2022.

Wiley further asserts that an unlawful seizure of his phone and property was orchestrated to destroy evidence supporting his claims involving WWE employee Alexa Bliss. Notably, Wiley is seeking an impressive $6 million for the alleged breach of contract and requests reimbursement for all legal fees.

This isn't Wiley's first legal rodeo with McMahon and WWE. He previously filed lawsuits concerning trademarks related to DX and the nWo, claiming that his rights to these trademarks were ignored for two decades. Unfortunately for Wiley, those lawsuits were dismissed.

The most recent suit certainly raises more questions than it answers. While the handwritten nature of the lawsuit is peculiar, the content of the claims and the plaintiff's history with WWE makes it an even more intriguing situation.

It's unclear how McMahon and WWE will respond to this unconventional legal challenge. So far, no one has been served with this new lawsuit, and its merits are yet to be assessed by the court. What is clear, however, is that this curious case has already captured the attention and will likely continue to be a topic of discussion within the legal and sports entertainment communities.

With McMahon's history of legal battles and WWE's status in the entertainment industry, it's safe to say that all eyes will be on this unfolding situation. Whether the suit has any foundation or is another dismissed case, the handwritten lawsuit against McMahon and WWE has already added an unexpected chapter to the ongoing narrative surrounding the wrestling mogul.

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