Stevie Richards Praises WWE & AEW Stars as Wrestling's Best


Stevie Richards Praises WWE & AEW Stars as Wrestling's Best

Former ECW star and wrestling veteran Stevie Richards recently lauded the in-ring prowess of Dustin Rhodes, recognizing him as one of the best workers in the entire history of professional wrestling. Richards' high praise comes despite dealing with a spine infection earlier this year, which he said wouldn't hinder his trust in Rhodes' ability to handle him safely in a match.

He even recalled their time working together, where Rhodes never injured or even hurt anyone in the ring. "He is definitely one of the best workers in the entire history of professional wrestling, and I'm happy to see him still doing his thing," Richards enthusiastically stated.

During a 15-minute video breakdown, Richards analyzed various moves that Rhodes has perfected over the years, such as the second-rope Hurricanrana, the Sunset Flip Powerbomb, and the Canadian Destroyer.

Richards Lauds Rhodes' Athleticism

Richards particularly emphasized the athleticism in Rhodes' Hurricanrana, commenting that "It takes a lot of strength, mobility, flexibility, and just courage." He admired the fact that Rhodes could execute the move with opponents of diverse sizes and heights, showcasing his impressive abilities.

The conversation also turned to Rhodes' remarkable jumping ability, with Richards comparing it to that of current WWE favorite LA Knight. Reflecting on Rhodes' in-ring capabilities, even at 54 years of age, Richards believes the veteran deserves more prominence on the AEW roster.

"He's the one veteran that can really, truly hang with these guys," Richards proclaimed. He backed his statement by referring to Rhodes' physicality, wrestling skills, and moves. What sets Rhodes apart, according to Richards, is not only his ability to keep pace with younger wrestlers but also his continual evolution in the ring.

Unlike other wrestlers of similar talent, Rhodes' ability to stay fresh, add new moves, and even take on riskier maneuvers highlights his distinction. "Dustin not only evolved and re-invented himself but he's added moves as he's become older," Richards explained.

"He's always been one of the greatest workers in my opinion, but he keeps getting better, and he keeps doing more impressive and almost dangerous moves." This thorough analysis by Richards paints a vivid picture of Rhodes' enduring excellence in professional wrestling.

His skill, innovation, and determination have not only earned him a spot among the greats but also the respect and admiration of his peers, such as Stevie Richards, who recognizes the veteran's significant contributions to the sport.

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