Road Dogg Shares Vision for WWE's Upcoming Era

Brian James reflects on his aspirations and current responsibilities.

by Noman Rasool
Road Dogg Shares Vision for WWE's Upcoming Era

"Road Dogg" Brian James, the renowned Hall of Famer, has been an integral part of the wrestling industry's behind-the-scenes operations for a significant duration. As WWE's Senior Vice President of Live Events, James has been predominantly occupied with orchestrating the dynamics off-stage.

However, in a recent episode of his podcast, "Oh You Didn't Know," he opened up about his inclination to step back into the limelight. Expressing confidence in his eloquence, Road Dogg stated, "I truly believe I have a knack for communicating." He shed light on his aspirations for the future, sharing that he wishes to delve into commentary and participate in the kickoff panel for WWE Premium Live Events (PLEs) before age catches up.

His vision stems from the belief that broadcasting on WWE TV presents a unique challenge, one he's eager to embrace.

"James's Dual Roles in WWE: Speaker and Organizer"

James's passion for speaking isn't just confined to wrestling.

His podcast, which he lovingly calls an "escape," is a testament to his effervescent and articulate nature. He feels that this very trait could make him an ideal fit for WWE broadcasts. But even as he contemplates this shift, James remains deeply appreciative of his current role.

Overseeing the production of WWE's live events has been an enriching experience for him. Rather humbly, he deflected accolades for the recent surge in WWE's live event viewership, attributing the success to impeccable timing and the exceptional team he collaborates with.

On a more personal note, James shed light on his journey to sobriety. Joining WWE soon after his decision to become clean was a tumultuous phase, with him admittedly "white-knuckling" through the initial days. However, the former WWE Hardcore Champion expressed gratitude for the current equilibrium in his life.

He now relishes his professional responsibilities while cherishing his personal growth and sobriety concurrently. While the allure of the spotlight is evident, don't expect James to re-enter the ring as a competitor. Health concerns, residuals from his intensive in-ring career, remain a poignant reminder of the physical toll the sport demands. Yet, this doesn't dim his enthusiasm for potentially taking up a more vocal role in WWE's future broadcasts.

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