WWE Bronson Reed Gets Name Tweak on Raw


WWE Bronson Reed Gets Name Tweak on Raw

"WWE Raw" continues its legacy of evolving its talent, both in character dynamics and sometimes, in nomenclature. Recently, according to the reputable source PWInsider Elite, the arena saw yet another transformation, albeit a subtle one.

Bronson Reed, a powerhouse in the wrestling domain, will now be addressed as "Big" Bronson Reed. Insiders suggest that this tweak mirrors the rebranding Seth Rollins underwent when he earned his "Freakin'" moniker. Bronson Reed, previously known for his triumphant stint as the "WWE NXT" North American Champion, stands imposing at a height of six feet and boasts a commanding weight of 300 pounds.

However, his recent appearance on "Raw" culminated in a loss to the charismatic Shinsuke Nakamura. This marked one of his notable comebacks since Reed re-entered the "WWE Raw" sphere in December 2022. Fans will recall a brief hiatus during which Reed ventured into New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he carved a niche for himself under the alias JONAH.

Jimmy Uso's Dramatic Character Shift

However, Reed's subtle renaming isn't the only buzz emanating from the wrestling grapevine. PWInsider Elite highlighted another intriguing turn of events. Jimmy Uso, a name synonymous with electrifying moves and dramatic storylines, has undergone a character shift.

Now, internally he's being pegged as a 'heel', following his surprising betrayal of his brother during the Tribal Combat saga. In another subplot catching the eye of "WWE Raw" enthusiasts, there's a cloud of uncertainty hovering over Ronda Rousey's future with the company.

Rousey, a formidable name both in the Octagon and the wrestling ring, recently hinted at a potential departure. After a sensational showdown against her real-life confidant, Shayna Baszler, in an MMA Rules match at SummerSlam, Rousey took to Instagram.

Her post carried an air of ambiguity, suggesting that she "has no reason to stay" with WWE. In a universe as dynamic and unpredictable as the "WWE Raw," these revelations serve as a testament to the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling. Only time will reveal how these new developments reshape the future narratives of the show.

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