Road Dogg Reveals Ambitious Future Aspirations in WWE

Renowned WWE Figure Road Dogg Considers Transition to Broadcasting.

by Atia Mukhtar
Road Dogg Reveals Ambitious Future Aspirations in WWE

In a surprising turn of events, "Road Dogg" Brian James, currently holding the position of Senior Vice President of Live Events at WWE, has hinted at a potential shift from behind-the-scenes operations to a more visible role in front of the camera.

The wrestling Hall of Famer shared his aspirations during an episode of his popular podcast, "Oh You Didn't Know." With a confident tone, Road Dogg expressed his belief in his ability to captivate an audience with his verbal prowess, stating, "I think I'm pretty good at talking." He divulged his longing to explore uncharted territories within WWE and disclosed, "I would love, before I get too old, to do commentary.

I would love to do the [kickoff panel for WWE PLEs]."

Road Dogg's Broadcasting Ambitions

Eager to embrace new challenges, Dogg emphasized his keen interest in stepping into the world of broadcasting on WWE TV. Drawing parallels between his podcasting escapades and potential on-screen endeavors, he acknowledged his natural affinity for engaging discussions, branding it an "escape." His quick wit and articulate nature, he believes, could seamlessly translate into a compelling presence on WWE television.

Despite his eye on this potential avenue, Road Dogg expressed his gratitude for his ongoing role in orchestrating WWE's live events, recognizing it as a treasured opportunity. Remaining humble, James credited not himself, but the collaborative synergy of timing and a dedicated team, for the recent success in WWE's live event business.

He shared insights into the initial challenges he faced while returning to work soon after achieving sobriety, admitting to "white-knuckling" through those early days. However, the former WWE Hardcore Champion revealed a newfound equilibrium, highlighting his ability to savor both his job and his hard-earned sobriety.

While the prospect of a broadcasting career takes center stage, Road Dogg's iconic ring boots are unlikely to make a comeback, given the lingering health concerns stemming from his wrestling days. As he ponders a potential transition to the commentary desk, his journey forward may be marked by a renewed sense of purpose and the resonance of his multifaceted experiences within the realm of WWE.

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