Ric Flair Reflects: Wrestling's Greatest Miss for Me


Ric Flair Reflects: Wrestling's Greatest Miss for Me
Ric Flair Reflects: Wrestling's Greatest Miss for Me

Ric Flair, a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling, traces his remarkable in-ring journey back to the 1970s, culminating in his final match last year at the "Ric Flair's Last Match" event hosted by Jim Crockett Promotions.

In an engaging conversation on the "This Past Weekend" podcast with Theo Von, the iconic two-time WWE Hall of Famer delved into what he misses most about his storied wrestling career, offering poignant insights into the deeper aspects of the sport that have left a lasting impression on him.

For Flair, the cherished aspect he yearns for the most from his time in wrestling is the profound camaraderie that flourishes among fellow wrestlers. He expressed, "The biggest thing I miss about wrestling is the camaraderie, personally." This sentiment echoes the vital role that the bond between athletes plays within the wrestling community, a connection that often extends beyond the ring.

Flair's Complex Path to Retirement

Flair's journey to retirement was not a straightforward one. Following his emotional farewell match against Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24, where his illustrious career hung in the balance, he ventured back into the squared circle for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, now known as Impact Wrestling, before ultimately hanging up his boots for good in 2011.

Delving further into his reflections, Flair divulged that one person he holds dear in his heart and profoundly misses from his wrestling days is Arn Anderson. Their association dates back to the 1980s and 90s when they were integral components of The Four Horsemen faction, leaving an indelible mark on wrestling history.

Flair also recounted the camaraderie he shared with luminaries like Shawn Michaels and Paul "Triple H" Levesque, recounting their times together on the road. While Flair expressed his admiration for other legends like The Undertaker and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, he acknowledged that the frequency of their meetings has dwindled.

He offered warm words for "The Deadman," highlighting him as a "great guy" and also shared the heartwarming news of The Undertaker's recent adoption of a baby alongside his wife Michelle Calaway, known as Michelle McCool during her time in WWE.

In essence, Ric Flair's reflections underscore the intrinsic bonds of camaraderie that define wrestling's allure. Through his perspective, we gain a deeper appreciation for the profound relationships that wrestling fosters and the lasting impact they leave on those who have contributed so significantly to the sport's legacy.

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