LA Knight boosts WWE Raw ratings


LA Knight boosts WWE Raw ratings

Throughout 2023, WWE has witnessed an unprecedented surge in LA Knight's popularity. Audiences across various arenas have rallied behind him, vocalizing their support at live shows and investing in his merchandise. His magnetic appeal is undeniable, even when he isn’t the centerpiece of high-profile events.

Much anticipation surrounded Knight as fans fervently hoped to see him secure the prestigious Money In The Bank briefcase in London, England. However, the spotlight ultimately shone on The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest.

WWE insiders whispered about the company's intentions for Knight, gauging the perfect moment to amplify his trajectory. That decisive moment may have arrived during SummerSlam when he triumphed in the Slim Jim Battle Royal.

Though primarily recognized as a SmackDown sensation, LA Knight made headlines with his electrifying confrontation with The Miz on WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw. Their heated exchange culminated in Knight delivering the crushing Blunt Force Trauma, leaving the former WWE Champion reeling.

Knight's Segment Boosts Raw Ratings

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio highlighted the impact of LA Knight's presence on Raw. While the show traditionally experiences ebbs and flows in viewership, Knight's segment with The Miz stood out.

Meltzer remarked, “Throughout the Raw ratings, there are inevitable fluctuations. However, the Miz and LA Knight segment significantly surpassed the usual peak numbers." Meltzer further emphasized Knight's star power, pointing out, “For those speculating about LA Knight's impact—whether it's the roaring crowds, merchandise sales, or ratings—one thing's clear: he’s a force to be reckoned with." While Knight's tenure in WWE has primarily seen him wear the glittering Million Dollar Championship belt, his aspirations soar much higher.

With the unwavering backing of his fans and evident ratings magnetism, Knight has his eyes firmly set on the zenith of WWE: the World Championship. In summary, 2023 could very well be the preamble to LA Knight’s magnum opus in WWE, with greater accolades surely awaiting him on the horizon.

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