True reason for Jey Uso's loss to Roman Reigns disclosed


True reason for Jey Uso's loss to Roman Reigns disclosed

In the ever-evolving world of WWE, alliances shift like sand, and rivalries burn brighter than ever. This dynamic was evident when Jey Uso, taking a bold stand against his increasingly distrustful cousin, Roman Reigns, challenged him to a pivotal match for the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam.

The stipulation: a fiercely intense Tribal Combat. Throughout the contest, Uso showcased an unyielding spirit, seemingly holding the advantage. However, when Solo Sikoa interjected, the tide appeared to turn against him. Yet, showcasing the heart and determination that has become synonymous with the Uso legacy, Jey battled against the odds.

He seemed destined to grasp victory, but in a stunning twist, Jimmy Uso, his twin brother, made an unexpected return, thwarting Jey's aspirations and costing him the championship. This surprising outcome naturally led to a whirlwind of speculation and analysis.

Many in the WWE universe pondered a pressing question: Had there been any consideration for Jey Uso to come out on top and usurp Reigns at SummerSlam?

Meltzer Debunks Jey's Victory Rumors

Dave Meltzer, a prominent figure in wrestling journalism, shed some light on this during his conversation with McGuire on Wrestling.

He emphatically revealed that the notion of Jey defeating Roman never really circulated within WWE's decision-making circles. Meltzer stated, “I hadn’t come across anyone even mentioning that as a potential outcome.

Understandably, the WWE has substantial plans for Roman as their reigning champion for the foreseeable future. Consequently, a win for Jey just wasn’t in the script." Meltzer went on to draw parallels with other matches, emphasizing that while outcomes may surprise or even dismay fans, they align with the WWE’s broader vision.

He pointed out, “Yes, business remained strong post-match. Could it have seen an upswing with a different result? Perhaps in the short term. But WWE has a strategic direction, and they’re building towards something monumental”.

Post-SummerSlam, the narrative is set to intensify. Insider speculation hints that Jey Uso will soon lock horns with Jimmy, his very own flesh and blood. As the drama unfolds, there’s even buzz about pushing their rivalry all the way to the grand spectacle of WrestleMania 40. Only time will reveal how this family saga will play out on the global stage.

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