Cody Rhodes' Sister Teil Reveals Secrets Behind His Notorious Neck Tattoo


Cody Rhodes' Sister Teil Reveals Secrets Behind His Notorious Neck Tattoo

Cody Rhodes, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, ignited a wave of conversation when he unveiled his striking "American Nightmare" neck tattoo during AEW Revolution in early 2020. Unapologetically, Rhodes expressed that the tattoo was a bold statement to represent his personal brand, although he admitted he didn't anticipate its monumental size.

As time has passed, the enigmatic tale behind the tattoo has gradually unfolded. Teil Rhodes, Cody's sister, is set to divulge intriguing insights in an upcoming interview with Fightful's "In The Weeds." A surprising revelation emerges – it was Teil who discovered the tattoo artist based in Georgia and arranged the appointment.

Intriguingly, her original understanding was that the tattoo would grace Cody's chest, adding an unforeseen twist to the narrative.

Inspiration Unveiled: Cody's Tattoo Influenc

In a recent Twitter Q&A, Cody Rhodes provided subtle hints about the sources of his inspiration for the tattoo.

"There were 2 guys that really inspired me, one had a chest tat and the other had the iconic bull on his the time I just wanted to wear my own brand as loudly and proudly as I could but didn't want to copy their style," he shared, alluding to the behind-the-scenes motivation for his remarkable ink.

Rhodes' tattoo has taken on an emblematic role, becoming the central logo adorning all his merchandise following his reentry into WWE in the previous year. A notable nod to the tattoo's cultural significance, even offered temporary American Nightmare tattoos, highlighting the acceptance of his unique expression within the wrestling community.

Impressively, Cody Rhodes pointed out that even Vince McMahon, a heavyweight in the industry, had refrained from voicing any adverse sentiments about his tattoo choice. Interestingly, Cody Rhodes' journey with intriguing tattoo decisions stretches back several years.

Reflecting on bygone times, Rhodes disclosed a noteworthy encounter with fellow wrestler Kofi Kingston. He recounted how Kingston had effectively dissuaded him from permanently etching the Legacy logo onto his body prior to their riveting triple threat match at WrestleMania 26 in 2010.

This event marked Rhodes' inaugural WrestleMania experience, but Kingston's discerning advice steered him away from an impulsive choice, showcasing the camaraderie and wisdom prevalent in the wrestling fraternity.

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