Chris Hero: Juggling AEW Producing and West Coast Pro Duties

Chris Hero Reveals Intricate Balance Between AEW and West Coast Pro

by Noman Rasool
Chris Hero: Juggling AEW Producing and West Coast Pro Duties

In a recent illuminating interview with Post Wrestling, the esteemed Knockout King himself, Chris Hero, opened up about the art of balancing his multifaceted responsibilities within the wrestling realm. Hero shed light on how he deftly juggles his role as a producer at AEW with his equally pivotal position at West Coast Pro Wrestling, offering insight into the careful compromises he's managed to strike.

Initially contemplating joining AEW as a producer while nurturing his West Coast Pro commitments, Hero elucidated that he was keenly explicit about safeguarding the investments he'd poured into West Coast Pro. The interchange of time and creative leeway that both parties had extended was not something he wished to cast aside.

The remarkable synergy that Hero had cultivated with West Coast Pro over months of painstaking effort was too valuable to jeopardize. This marked a significant cornerstone of his approach – ensuring that his involvement with AEW didn't eclipse the dedication he held for his work at West Coast Pro.

Hero's honesty about his priorities reveals a conscientious balance that encapsulates his commitment to both endeavors. His allegiance with West Coast Pro is palpable, as he affirmed his unwavering commitment to their events, highlighting that his presence would only be forfeited in the face of genuine emergencies.

Such steadfastness to his roots attests to Hero's devotion and respect for the wrestling community he's helped cultivate.

Dynamic Role in AEW's Collision Program

As Hero delved deeper into his work dynamics, he discussed his involvement with Collision, a burgeoning program that's garnered a significant share of his focus.

Though he clarified that exclusivity was not the label to affix, he candidly confessed that Collision's fledgling nature necessitated extra hands. Hero's immersion in this nascent venture is unmistakable, and his contributions to Collision symbolize his adaptability and versatility within the industry.

From marquee pay-per-view events to the high-octane atmosphere of Rampage and Dynamite, Hero has seamlessly transitioned between roles, never allowing complacency to set in. A testament to his dedication, Hero disclosed his upcoming schedule – a dynamic blend of Dynamite and Collision appearances, each interwoven with the other in a seamless tapestry of commitment.

This dynamic fluidity is a quintessential aspect of Hero's professional ethos, where his priorities evolve in alignment with the ever-changing landscape of wrestling. Chris Hero's thoughtful insights into his dual roles as a producer at AEW and a vital figure at West Coast Pro Wrestling paint a picture of a man who embodies the essence of balance.

His ability to uphold his responsibilities to both entities without compromising the integrity of either is a testament to his prowess in the wrestling sphere. As Hero forges ahead, it's evident that his journey is a masterclass in the art of harmonizing passion with professionalism.